Black Phoenix

         Self Defense
                             Fitness Academy


                             Si vis pacem, para bellum
                                                 for Peace, Prepare for War

Cardio Kickboxing

  "How Many Calories Can You Burn?"
If you're tired of a boring,
hum-drum treadmill routine,
come try 
Black Phoenix Cardio Kickboxing!


My 50 minute Fat Burning, High Intensity, Stress Relieving, workout class gives you the outlet to

"Decompress from the days Stress!

If your talking on the cell while
"doing cardio"

Although this is NOT a Self Defense Class,
In 1 class, you can burn off as much as 600 to 700 calories; some of my more intense students burn up to 900 or more calories.

Black Phoenix Cardio KICKBOXING blends basic athletic conditioning exercises with traditional boxing and kicking drills to create an intense cardiovascular exercise experience. 

This stress relieving aerobic workout elevates your heart rate and keeps you moving with a series of kicking and boxing moves.  Phoenix Fitness Kickboxing will tone muscle, burn fat, increase your strength and speed.




Cardio Kickboxing tones and tightens your arms (you know that flab underneath?) thighs, butt, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

We don't punch and kick the air, so b
ring your gloves* and bring some intensity ... because you are gonna need it.

*I  have some spare boxing gloves if you don't have any.